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Machine tools

Get back on top of your production. The math is simple!

Improved machine performance
higher quality of finished product
reduced rework time
reduced scrap
improved bottom line.

Annual laser calibrations improve machining accuracy. Often changes to the compensation map will result in major improvements in accuracy.

We will provide reports indicating the performance of your machine tools. From these you will be better equipped to make decisions based on a confidence level you have not enjoyed in the past. You will be able to determine which machines on your shop floor have the best performance.

Many problems can be identified during the calibration, such as machine out of level. pitch and yaw issues, gibs or counter-balances out of adjustment, worn ways, backlash issues and more.


When the calibration is required? During initial installation/part of acceptance procedures

Annual verification: Analysis and performance will help solve quality issues

After a major crash: Improved accuracy of the machine tool will increase production and reduce related lost time, wasted material, and rework.

Rotary tables

Verification/correction of rotational errors

Ball bar tests:

Verification of performance/diagnosis of servo issues such as servo mismatch, reversal spikes and stick-slip.

This information helps you target and schedule maintenance problems before those issues shut your machine down.

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We use the following Industry standards when performing calibrations.

ISO 10360-2
VDI/VDE 2617
ISO 230-2
ISO 230-4

Specific manufacturer's procedures if different



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