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Calibration: Regular calibrations ensure accuracy. A CMM should also be calibrated after a move, certain type of repairs, a major crash or when measured results are suspect.

Repair: If you are tired of 5-10 day response time from your CMM manufacturer, give us a call.  We will be right there.  Most phone calls returned within 4 hours and on site within 2 working days.

Relocation: With many years of experience moving and installing CMM’s, we can be counted on to safely move your equipment.

Training: We can provide level l training on most software packages plus level ll and level lll on PC-DMIS and METROLOG/APOGEE systems.

Probes: Styli and probing systems from Renishaw and others are available.  We have ultra high accuracy/low force contact probes, too.

New and used CMM’s: We do not stock new or used CMM’s, therefore we are not trying to move stock that meets our needs, not yours.  We will work with our industry contacts to find the correct machine for your application and budget.

Retrofits: Often the needs of an organization outgrow the capability of an existing CMM.  If this is happening to you, let us provide the best solution for YOUR needs.  A solution that will extend the life of your CMM for many years plus meet your current and future CMM software needs.


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CMM Services

We use the following Industry standards when performing calibrations.

ISO 10360-2
VDI/VDE 2617
ISO 230-2
ISO 230-4

Specific manufacturer's procedures if different



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